Security Services / ATP

Security Services / ATP

Solution Scope:

Endpoint protection solution using Malware Endpoint, cloud-based management, and sandboxing.

Used Technologies:

Network security, Data security, and Cyber security.

Client Benefits:

  • Stops and blocks targeted and untargeted attacks
  • Faster resolutions to problems
  • Proactive visibility and real-time protection
  • Secured data and network infrastructure
  • Prevent ransomware crimes, with updated online protection.
  • Stops and blocks targeted and untargeted attacks.
  • Quarantine malicious files with complete cleanup, before incurred damages.
  • Quarantine IOS, Applications, Software's that not comply with polices.
  • Faster resolutions to problems.
  • Attack prevention before, during, and after.
  • Proactive visibility and protection, with scheduled and real-time scans.
  • Secured data, assets, and network infrastructure.
  • Enhanced users' privacy and control.