Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud services describes a range of offerings, from software to platform to infrastructure. It can also be either public or private cloud services depending on the nature of the customers business needs, as well as their financial strategy.

Alpha Hub Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are ready to provide free consultations to clients, to evaluate the proper cloud service that is right for them. Usually, this involves clients’ plans for the level of security their business requires, capital expenses vs. operational expenses, resources utilizations, and the users / data access factors.

Alpha Hub is highly specialized, and can provide below cloud services with international quality planning, project management, and satisfaction:

  • Cloud readiness assessment and consulting
  • Network / Systems migration, deployment, and customization
  • Private and public cloud integration hybrid clouds
  • Software as a Service ( SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS)
  • Professional services and ongoing managed services

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