Cyber Security, Network Security, and Physical Security

With the mission to offer reliable security solutions that are easy to operate and simple to install, Alpha Hub has rebranded its company’s security products.  Since 2005, our team is dedicated to monitoring clients’ systems performance, search for incompatibilities, discover bugs, errors, and inconsistencies in the network security, and provide recommended actions in accordance to global best practices, for proper management of clients’ data centers.

Alpha Hub ensures that the security solutions are built on the principles set by DNS.  We provide powerful security solutions, as well as onsite and remote auditing of clients’ network operation centers, call centers, as well as command and control centers, against internal and external security threats, locally and from the internet.

We provide sophisticated and cloud-delivered security solutions in the market.  We are confident that our brand reflects our mission and our vision.   Alpha Hub has the expertise to help you stay ahead of cyber criminals.  Our security services enable you to activate global intelligence, innovate without introducing risk, and mature your programs over time.

To learn more, please contact us today, and we shall respond to your business queries, and assure you ...peace of mind.