About US

About us

Alpha Hub team consists of senior experts in latest ICT, Security, Cloud / Data Centers, IoE, Market Strategies, Consultancy, and Customer Services.  Our leadership team have over 35 years of experience locally as well as globally; bringing the best of international best practices, ready to plan and execute for our clients in Jordan and the Middle East.   Our team of professionals are top notch certified engineers and architects who have clear career paths to provide the best quality solutions and services that help clients grow their businesses.  

Alpha Hub, as a technology services provider and a systems integrator, provides comprehensive and turn-key solutions ranging from Infrastructure Networks to Security, Wifi / Mobility,Unified Communication, Cloud/Data Centers,  IOE/Digitization, and Managed Services.  Our absolute loyalty is to our clients, ensuring long term trusting relationships to realize the highest business benefits from every investment.  By being motivated to bringing additional value to each of our clients with each project being completed, we believe our clients will find industry standards and best practices exist in all aspects of the high quality work we do. 

Our Vision

To become a regional technology solutions provider, admired for its people, partners, and performance; by consistently delivering innovative projects that meet international standards, and helping our customers digitize their networks and systems, which will open a world of business opportunities and growth.

Our Mission

Attract and attain customers through providing high-valued ICT products and services, delivered with utmost quality and standards; to enable them to realize the business value and expand the business.