Our oganization, has sensitive data and sercret business information, how does Alpha Hub Team protect this data?

Alpha Hub engineers follow a thorough process, during the cycle of customer engagement.  This process include signing confidentiality agreement with our clients, and to secure clients' data on a suitable backup media at the appropriate time. 

Our Alpha Hub team carry the highest level of ethics and business attitude and deal with our clients as partners, from start to finish.   Clear, concise, and written communication shall be followed in accordance to agreed mutual protocols.


Can Alpha Hub team visit our organization, to discuss the challenges we have, and help us find a suitable effective IT solution?

Absolutely, Alpha Hub shall provide "free of charge" consultation, to your organization team, and will engage in the required meetings and even workshops.

Alpha Hub subject matter Experts (SME) are professional to draft your organization requirement document, and will draft as well the required solution document with the appropriate and latest technology solution details.

Feel free to contact us today.